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GGBA In the News

MORE THAN A COACH Greensboro News and Record August 21, 2004Greensboro - There was a man on the corner of South Elm and Whittington streets Wednesday, offering to point traffic to the drug dealers just down the block
And directly across the weathered, two-lane road, Michael Ancrum was changing lives, steering children away from such temptations. 
Ancrum, a lifelong amateur athlete and stroke survivor, says he not only coaches boxing, but coaches kids through life

More than a Coach

"One, one, one, two," Ancrum huffs as 8-year-old Taje Summers strikes at Ancrum's gloved hands with giant red boxing gloves.
Taje misses. Ancrum starts at "one" again, without a sigh, or disappointment -- just determination. 
"It's a good thing that he's doing," said Richard Rivers, who coaches boxing at Lindley Recreation Center on Springwood Drive, and whose son has competed in national amateur boxing competitions.  "He cares."
Ancrum, 45, a high-pressure cleaner by day, ahs spent most of his life coaching sports at Greensboro's recreation centers.  Basketball and football were his first passions. 
Two years ago, he suffered a minor stroke that left his body week, but repairable.  As he recovered by exercising at the Lindley Center, he learned to box.
Ancrum said he noticed that the younger children, the "little guys," who wanted to box were without a coach.
With the center's help, Ancrum started an amateur boxing program for children in 2001.  As the program flourished, his thoughts turned to home.
"I got to thinking about kids on this side of town," Ancrum said, referring to Greensboro's southeast side.  "They have transportation problems, other problems."
Ancrum grew up in the Hampton Homes public housing community.  As a child, Ancrum said he had the support of a Christian youth group to introduce him to sports and activities.  He knew there were children living in the homes now who had no youth groups, no way to travel to Lindley Center, and no one to tell them it was a good thing to do.
The Greater Greensboro Boxing Academy was born.  The monthly rent is donated for the plain, empty warehouse on South Elm that the academy calls home.  Ancrum spent almost eight months renovating the inside, including building the centers boxing ring himself.
Ancrum's supporters say he built the academy out of his devotion to helping children.
"I know him and I know his heart," said Michael Thomas, pastor of Love & Faith Christian Fellowship Church on Blackberry Road.  "He loves kids.  Mike has a desire to be a blessing to children, and he felt this was a way to give back to our community."

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