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Greater Greensboro Boxing Academy
1009 S. Elm Street
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Amateur Boxing Program The Amateur Boxing program is our featured competition program where we are hoping to develop future Olympians. We strive to instill discipline in the children that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.  To be in this program the child must maintain a C average and must be at least 8 years of age. 

Instructional Boxing
(Also Available at your location, call (336)-965-6579 for inquiries)

Instructional Boxing is a class designed to enhance the physical and mental well being of youth by implementing the techniques and exercises of boxing in a fun yet productive way.  No need to worry, this is an INSTRUCTIONAL CLASS ONLY!  NO CONTACT BETWEEN STUDENTS WILL BE MADE!

The Exercises: are upbeat and fun, mainly focusing on stretching, footwork and punches that improve the cardiovascular system.  Boxing exercises are a great way to burn some of that extra energy kids tend to use sometimes unproductively.

The Techniques: used in the sport of boxing are a form of art which requires a certain level of discipline from the student such as concentration and focus.  With continued use these techniques can strengthen the confidence of youth and could be developed into a means of self defense.

Classes and Time: It is recommended that no more than three sessions be taken a week.  Each session will be an hour and a half long with one ten minute water break.  Classes are held at the GGBA.

Rates and Schedule: Rates will depend on the size of the group.  ($5 -$7 per student per session).  Schedule is flexible, but we work on a first come first served basis.  Available hours are between 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, (During summer break). 

Learning Lab Before the Jab This after-school tutoring program is designed for youth ages 6-12 to assist with reading, math and other school related assignments.  There will be an in-house computer lab to teach keyboarding, basic programming and other computer related skills.  Tutors will be college students earning a degree in the above mentioned fields of study.
Walk With Me Teenagers (ages 13-17) constantly face many difficulties today.  Meeting the needs of disadvantaged and troubled youth is what this program will address.  In this program peer pressure is used in a positive way.  Here youth are steered to make positive choices by (1) learning to identify negative situations and environmental stressors that influence behavior.  (2) learn how to confront the issue in a positive way.  (3) equip the student with the necessary tools through the use of the "group effect" to allow them to walk out of the environment in which they have been trapped in to areas of productive and successful living.
Inside Out This instructional teaching program is designed to help youth bring to fruition the gifts and talents they possess.  This program is broken down into three distinct phases;
(1) Discovery: Here the youth are taught to look inward to identify hidden talents.
(2) Cultivation: In this phase youth will develop their newly discovered gifts and talents.
(3) Utilization: In this phase everything comes together bringing forth the gift in a variety of means then the most feasible application of the gift is then sought.
Life Skills (Mentoring) This is a mentoring program available to youth of all ages in the program that provides one to one mentoring and teaching.  This program will equip the student with the opportunity to connect with program staff with whom they can identify.

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