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Welcome to Greater Greensboro Boxing
We help to develop a vision, strategy, and also one-day workshops to
strategic planning and executive alignment.
Finance Strategy We help to develop a vision, strategy, and also one-day workshops to
strategic planning and executive alignment.
The Ultimate Fight Experience From We help kroth and understand the finance function’s
overall capacity to stay competitive.
Helping your Finance
Operating Model
We Train Boxing, Muay Thai, Fight Conditioning, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Wrestling.
Fighting for our Futures At the Greater Greensboro Boxing Academy we believe that healthy youth make a healthy community. Corporate Transactions We help organizations in their efforts through finance function
integration planning, Day One readiness and execution.

Exciting music, fast paced movements and a coach with endless energy to keep you motivated.

Functional Training

Builds Strength, Stability, Strength, Mobility, Endurance and Flexibility.

Train With A Pro

Train With Professional Boxers Who Prepare You Mentally And Physically


here was a man on the corner of South Elm and Whittington streets Wednesday, offering to point traffic to the drug dealers just down the block

And directly across the weathered, two-lane road, Michael Ancrum was changing lives, steering children away from such temptations.

Ancrum, a lifelong amateur athlete and stroke survivor, says he not only coaches boxing, but coaches kids through life

Week 1

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Slips and rolls

Week 3

Advanced phase footwoork training

11 combo hits

Week 2

Uppercuts (top cut)

Body shot

Week 4

Advanced Mortal Training


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Do I need access to special equipment?

Access to heavy bags is ideal but not necessary. All weight bag workouts can be modified.

Will this program really help me become a better boxer in 30 days?

Yes. When it comes to practicing, repetition is key. However, you need to practice effective techniques. The methods used in this program have been shown to produce tangible results within 30 days, but you can always keep practicing for longer!

How do I access this program?

These programs can be accessed via our mobile app and the Apple TV app. After you purchase, you will be sent information on how to properly download and access the course materials.

Are there any preconditions?

No. Anyone can benefit from this program regardless of age, size or skill level.

Join the long list of world-class athletes and train with Greater Greensboro Boxing Academy

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Boxing and Casino – A Great Game to Play

Boxing and Casino have long been staples of entertainment for those lucky enough to get away from the realities of daily life. While a lot of us tend to avoid going to the local casino when we have some free time, there are times when we crave that sense of excitement. We may have been to a boxing match or two as a child and we can never get those feelings out of our system. If you have never taken the time to play in a real boxing ring then it is time for you to do so. Just imagine all of the adrenaline rushing through your veins and your heart rate. Those who have loved boxing since childhood will know all too well what I am talking about.

The game of boxing can be extremely fun and addictive, if you play it correctly. There are some strategies which need to be implemented in order to ensure that you win, but the game itself is actually rather simple. Many people tend to underestimate the skill required in this game. I have seen many people in the gym struggle with the basics of boxing and then when they enter the ring they cannot understand why they have been given a loss by their trainer.

The most important thing to remember when playing boxing and casino is that you need to treat the game as if it was real. You are not in the arcade and not battling imaginary enemies. You need to practice self-control. You need to learn how to relax your body and really take control of yourself before entering into a heated contest. I cannot tell you how many people end up in the hospital after they get into an altercation with a casino dealer or roulette wheel. If you really want to enjoy this game then you need to practice self-control at all times.

The game of boxing can be very exciting and invigorating. It has a nice mixture of action, comedy and danger. People are drawn to the spectacle of it all. The adrenaline rush is something that is hard to explain and this is what makes it so exciting.

Boxing is a very popular sport. There are a lot of people that love to play it. There is no denying that it is a very intense sport. As I mentioned above, there is danger involved in it. That is why if you have kids they should never play this game without parental supervision. They must always use good judgment.

So what can you do if you want to play this game with your friends? You can invite your friends over to play this game. There is nothing more exciting than a friendly sit down poker game at your house (Learn more here). Also, if you are looking to make money then you can rent a boxing ring from the local casino. You can rent one for the amount of money you want to spend and then you can play this game all you want.

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