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Boxer Techniques
December 21, 2022
6 Types of Basic Boxing Punches

It can be amazing to see professional fighters display the highest level of their sport. Some beginners can be intimidated by this. For anyone just beginning boxing, it is important to learn the six basic punches of boxing. These fundamental moves can be broken down into a punch number system[…]

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December 21, 2022

Sports anchors often discuss a fighter’s reach when analyzing a boxing match.What does boxing reach mean and how important is it? Does a shorter reach mean that you are less likely to win? What is the best way to measure your reach?Let’s see what happens.   What is “REACH” in[…]

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December 21, 2022
5 Different Methods to Clean Boxing Gloves )

You’ve probably experienced the “incredible” sensation of someone smelling something whiffed and aiming it at you. It made your skin itch. Your partner’s gloves are responsible for the foul odor. You must take care of your gloves when boxing, so that your training partners don’t have to suffer similar omissions[…]

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What is the scoring system in boxing?

Boxing is a popular sport among many people, and some of the biggest heavyweight fights draw a lot of attention when they are broadcast on pay per view. They have grown into huge public events, and it is nothing short of exhilarating to watch the professionals battle it[…]

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Boxing as depicted in works of art, literature, and film

Despite being a brutal profession, boxing has attracted a disproportionate number of artists and writers. Of course, it is more accurate to say that the semi-naked display of aggression that characterises boxing is what draws people to it in the first place. If, at the end of the[…]

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Boxing championship belts explained: What are they and how do they work?

What is a championship belt, and how do you get one? When a champion of an individual weight class is crowned by one of the four major sanctioning bodies in boxing, a belt is awarded to him or her. In the event that one of those four organisations[…]

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January 2, 2021
Boxing For Fitness and Cardiopulmonary Benefits

Boxing has grown into one of the premier fitness exercises which have the ability to improve blood circulation. This article examines the techniques used in boxing training. Boxing is a very popular sport but is not considered a traditional form of fitness training. Recently, boxing exercises have gained[…]

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