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8:30 AM - 7:00 PM

Monday to Saturday

hoping to develop future Olympians.
Inside Out

This instructional teaching program is designed to help youth bring to fruition the gifts and talents they possess.

Instructional Boxing

Instructional Boxing is a class designed to enhance the physical and mental well being of youth by implementing the techniques and exercises of boxing in a fun yet productive way.

Learning Lab Before the Jab

This after-school tutoring program is designed for youth ages 6-12 to assist with reading, math and other

Life Skills (Mentoring)

This is a mentoring program available to youth of all ages in the program that provides one to one mentoring and teaching.

school related assignments.

Walk With Me Teenagers (ages 13-17) constantly face many difficulties today.  Meeting the needs of disadvantaged and troubled youth is what this program will address.

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