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Instructional Boxing

Walk With Me

Teenagers (ages 13-17) constantly face many difficulties today.  Meeting the needs of disadvantaged and troubled youth is what this program will address.  In this program peer pressure is used in a positive way.  Here youth are steered to make positive choices by (1) learning to identify negative situations and environmental stressors that influence behavior.  (2) learn how to confront the issue in a positive way.  (3) equip the student with the necessary tools through the use of the “group effect” to allow them to walk out of the environment in which they have been trapped in to areas of productive and successful living.

Inside Out

 This instructional teaching program is designed to help youth bring to fruition the gifts and talents they possess.  This program is broken down into three distinct phases;

(1) Discovery: Here the youth are taught to look inward to identify hidden talents.

(2) Cultivation: In this phase youth will develop their newly discovered gifts and talents.

(3) Utilization: In this phase everything comes together bringing forth the gift in a variety of means then the most feasible application of the gift is then sought.

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